Polyols and Gums

ADM offers gums for enhanced functionality in bakery and processed foods and polyols for functionality and as a sugar-free sweetener.


NovaXan? xanthan gum provides multiple benefits including stabilization, suspension and thickness for processed foods. It is especially important in bakery applications where moisture control, suspension, consistency and volume are critical. In baked products, it enhances the structure without toughening, facilitating release from baking pans and reducing fragility of the finished product.

NovaXan xanthan gum’s unique “shear thinning” rheaology helps products maintain homogeneity during processing and baking, and enhances shelf life in the finished product.


Polyols can be used in reduced-sugar foods because they are sugar-free, reduced-calorie, low-digestible sweeteners. Polyols add bulk to foods with approximately half the calories.

ADM offers sorbitol, a polyol that provides 2.6 calories per gram versus sugar’s 4.0 calories per gram. It acts as a humectant, helping foods retain moisture, and is used as a sweetener in sugar-free hard candy, chewing gum, baked goods, frozen desserts and more. It also provides a non-browning sweetener for cordial and liqueur beverages.


ADM has added maltitol syrup to its line of polyols. Maltitol has a pleasant, sweet taste very similar to sucrose. It is about 85 percent as sweet as sugar and significantly lower in calories, contributing only 3.0 kcals/gram on a solids basis. ADM maltitol syrup can be used in a variety of applications—from sweet goods, hard candies and chewing gum to chocolate fillings, baked goods and ice cream. With ADM’s sweetener and Fibersol-2 portfolios, we can offer customized sweetener solutions that meet the needs of your product.

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